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CAPSULE — Medicine for your business. As the name indicates CAPSULE encapsulates all medical and accounting records all together. Customization and Enhancement gives flexibility and dynamicity to CAPSULE in all aspects. CAPSULE takes the batten management responsibility from you and says Take Rest. In modern era of technologies, it is not possible to keep the track of records in papers and files. It is necessary to have all in a computer storage. We offer a better secured data processing in our software. Lot of Hospitals had implemented EMR software system which is a single integrated system which not only did your treatment & consulting tasks but also capable of your financial and planning managements. Modern EMR software has taken greater responsibility of managing process like Medical records, Appointment scheduling, Accounting, Financial management, Human resources & Payroll management, Inventory, Warehouse Management and Service management.

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IMPLEMER the one stop solution center for all your Software & Web based requirements. We offer exceptional performance and value in all our software products and web services without sacrificing quality.

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